Ashten Curtis – Senior Manager at Bio-Resource Division, Uppgroup Inc.

Ashten Thanksgiving 033Ashten graduated with honors on her Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM), Equine Management from the University of Guelph, ON

She is in charge of the Bio-Resource Division of Uppgroup Inc. – tree management, planting and nursery, and other related tasks at

Ashten is just finishing her additional schooling at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops BC

She will complete her Bachelor in Tourism Management in April of 2013.

Ashten will also be in charge of the Tourism and Marketing Divisions of Uppgroup Inc., which includes the business directories, tourism and Web resources for tourism related businesses, equine, and bio resource firms and web development for those types of organizations.

Ashten is also a key player in our Kamia Kennels Division as she is a highly skilled trainer, dog handler, and manages trains and has Jaegar with her 100% of the time, Jaegar is her boy. Jaegar is currently the number one male Elkhound in North America.

Ashten’s passion of course, is horses, thus the BBRM Equine Management degree. She is an extremely skilled horsewoman, both English and Western, and for the last few years has during the summer managed a full Western riding and training stable, manages all the programs, marketing, stable hands, horses, equine management and much more. Ashten has been riding horses since she could basically walk, and has an uncanny skill with horses and connection with them.

She will be in addition to her roles above be a consultant to our Equine clientele, our veterinarian clients, and those sections of the directories, web design, press and related aspects of Veterinarian clinics, equine vets, equine related areas we focus on.