Merv Carlson – Leader of Uppgroup Inc.

Merv-Bighorn-HikingMerv Carlson is a true Canadian Innovator. With over 17 years of experience in the Keyword Technology arena, he is an expert who can help any online business to find potential customers and to boost their sales. He is also the President and founder of Uppgroup Inc.

Merv began doing online work back in 1996, he had an existing consulting firm that was established in 1990 to assist small businesses, and provide consulting and expansion planning and direction. As the web focus grew, Uppgroup Inc. began expanding it’s online presence, with the site launching in 1998. 15 years later Uppgroup Inc. is known as a global leader in Keyword Technology specializing in search engine ranking and web design and advanced marketing for business. They have a large network of clients all over the world. They create websites and campaigns which can easily get found on the Internet among millions of websites.

Since the foundation of the company, Merv and his team have worked hard to keep on adding innovative products and services based around the business consulting background, which further enhances their clients offline and online web presence. This includes the Uppgroup Central Alberta Business Directories. These allow businesses owners the opportunity to connect with local buyers.  The organization also provides advanced web design and marketing strategies for companies all around the world using technologies designed by Merv and his team.

Uppgroup Inc., using it’s innovative approach to business marketing and vast online experience, combined with global reach through the network of web properties Uppgroup Inc. owns, have quickly become a leader in delivering mobile workstation solutions, through its Pro Desks division. These products are considered the gold standard for mobile work environments in the office, hospital, and health care industry.  Pro Desk has implemented solutions in Canada, the United States, South America, and Europe.

Merv and his team are also continuing their track record of innovation in mobile workstations, through the introduction of the Tough Desk ARC line of mobile desks. This product through consultation with Merv and his vast experience in the mobile laptop mount field has yielded some of the very best innovation and products in the market place, this is one tough line of desks.

The partnership with Gamber Johnson and Uppgroup Inc. allows for a full line of Police, EMS, Construction and Oilfield mobile computing products and docking stations through the Rock Solid Solutions division.

This is an exciting time, the current ongoing partnership with Uppgroup Inc. and National Products Inc. over the last 6 years has been outstanding and the Mel Mounts division has seen steady growth providing a wide range of alternative mobile computing solutions, mounting brackets and technology from NPI.

It’s been 7 years now that Uppgroup Inc. launched it’s TrioCom division, this has seen steady growth, increased product lines, some exclusive products that provide innovation solutions to mounting mobile printers in vehicles along with the laptop and notebook computers, and now the iPad. TrioCom has quickly established itself as the leader in offering one of the broadest range of mounting forks for vehicles in the industry. If your driving it, Triocom has a mount for it.

Of course, with any good Keyword Technology firm and business consulting firm, requests were bound to come from all areas. Roughly five years ago real estate professionals began approaching Uppgroup Inc. with requests to help them position and gain visibility online. Uppgroup Inc. saw the opportunity to provide realtors with a very powerful service, an enhancement to what they were offering through traditional real estate marketing. Uppgroup began an ongoing campaign and marketing division to assist realtors and those wishing to sell real estate  with a very powerful service, this division has seen rapid expansion over the last few years.

As with any professional, some hobbies are required, some time to “Get Away” is needed. Merv’s heritage is Swedish, and with that heritage came the knowledge and passion for the Great Grey Dogs, the Elkhound. Merv’s passion for the breed and his own prized ancient lineage male, Takoda, one of the few if not the only breeding ancient lineage Swedish males left in Canada, gave way to a plan to re-establish the old world breeding principles and lineages in Canada, and North America.

Kamia Kennels was established as a way for Merv’ to fulfill his goal of preserving one of the most ancient breeds of dog in the entire world, and His prized Male, Takoda is the foundation of the entire program. Backed by Takoda’s mate, Mia, one of the ancient lineage females they have brought back to life one of the oldest lines of dog known to exist in Canada. The Takoda genetic’s have been traced to archeological digs with remains of the breed found and place dated over 5000 years old. The ancient lineage Viking dogs of Kamia Kennels Elkhounds are sought by people all over Canada, many people come from the USA for this exclusive ancient bloodline, and soon pups are on the way back to the old countries. Ragnar, a grandson of Takoda will soon be in Russia, and requests are coming for the lineage from all over the world.

With an ongoing passion for innovation, and a drive to fill gaps in the market, Merv and the team at Uppgroup Inc. are constantly innovating. They have a number of exciting projects underway, and can not wait to share them with the public as well as their potential customers worldwide.