Sara Danes – Marketing Executive, Uppgroup Inc.

saradanesSara Danes is the marketing executive for Uppgroup Inc.

Uppgroup Inc. is known as a Canadian keyword technology company with more than 15 years of experience. This company is run by Merv Carlson and it has various divisions. Some of the larger divisions like Pro Desks and TrioCom focus mostly on manufacturing and the marketing of automobile laptop desks and mobile office equipment.

Since joining the company, Sara has been involved in developing long-term marketing campaigns to help promote products as well as services provided by Uppgroup Inc. Her responsibilities include researching the market, creating detail marketing plans, implementing these plans and working on all aspects of the strategic plans.

Sara also works as Merv’s full time personal assistant. She is responsible for all aspects of online work. The tasks can vary; from managing a blog network, writing some content to handling all the technical and graphic design work for a new site, ecommerce and more.

As a team leader, Sara has proven to be innovative, she is a detail oriented leader, focused on customer satisfaction, and her priorities allow her to effectively move the company forward.

With a bachelor degree and education major in English her talent is in writing so she is assigned to work as Editor in Chief of ABReview. ABReview is a review style site which has been steadily gaining its popularity and authority recently. This website is a review channel where people can find accurate and quality reviews on different products but specifically products in the mobile technology field.

Sara brings a high level of skill in Keyword Technology to Uppgroup Inc. and combined with the management and existing aspects has added a new and exciting dimension to the company. She is a highly skilled and very competent leader and integral part of Uppgroup Inc.