Keyword Technology and Article Creation


Creating compelling and useful content, such as writing about your company, products, or general current market information with keyword oriented useful content will likely influence your website more than most of the other factors. After the Google Penguin update, regularly posted quality and authentic content is the recommended method to assist in positioning on Google.
Our research has shown that the time frame varies depending on the site, the topic and so forth, but ideally, you should post at least 2 new articles every week, more being better. Google, in some fields and topics, will rank websites with frequent articles higher with frequently updated material that contains unique and relevant content on target to the website topic.
It goes without saying that any company that is serious about success needs a website. You would not be reading this article if that was not true.
But just having a website itself is not a competitive advantage. As a business owner, you need to ensure that your site is generating opportunities and positioning you as a leader in its industry. Quality content is the key.
Make sure your site is not lost in the light of recent Google updates to the search algorithm. SEO practices have become more focused on generating quality content than ever. One of the biggest changes – called Panda – focuses on content rich websites.
While hyperlinks remain vitally important in promoting a website ranking in Google, Panda now looks at vital content on the site to begin to determine the authority, and therefore, placement in the results. Balancing content and web design with obtaining strong back links and reference content generation, based around keyword technology is the best approach. These objectives are inseparable, more quality content will generate the most chances that like minded people will link to your website.
The search engine optimization (SEO) experts recommend thinking of Panda as a filter of quality content. Kindly make your content fit into the known parameters of Panda and your website is more likely to be perceived as a living resource center – one that customers and potential customers will return to when they need information – not only in its products and services, but also about the topic in general, in a broader sense.
Content generation encourages other content creators to link from their website, which can further improve your position in search engines, but not only search engines, this provides access to the traffic that is occurring on that particular site; it’s called traffic transfer.
You owe it to your business to keep up to date. However, there are a great deal of aspects to ranking a site, and quality content is just one aspect, albeit, a crucial aspect.
Working with a keyword technology firm to first determine the role that content will play, how the content should be structured, and what format is your first step. A quality article that no one can find, that the spider does not know it exists, and no other sites link to it, is basically not going to assist you much in actual ranking improvements.
However, 1 quality article, done correctly, back linked, site mapped, interlinked, promoted, and talked about – now, we are getting some value. 1 quality article can have a great deal of influence if that article is promoted in the correct fashion. 100 articles not promoted correctly could have little to zero value.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that a site with a thousand pages of good content is just magically going to be ranked above a site with 10 articles. Volume assists sure, but volume alone does not on its own, do anything. Each article needs to have its own promotion program, it’s own ranking system, then this article will take on a life, take on a ranking, building and generating search results, which translates to visitors.
A good keyword technology firm takes into account many factors, literally there are an easy hundred factors that can have an influence, and there most likely are more. They will focus on making sure that you are going to tap into all of the ones they feel make a difference.
They can take and advise you on how to generate this article. And be sure, there are many ways to generate an article, and how that article is going to be used makes a difference.
Contact us, discuss the possibilities of what that article can do for your site, then, once you have a better understanding, let’s discuss what 10 might do, or 100. But first things first, let’s get 1 to do all it can.