Advanced Marketing

Beside Web Design, Keyword Technology, Advanced Marketing is another major service offered by Uppgroup Inc.

Being proud of our sharp minds and our 15 years of experience in online business, we are always ready to become the pioneers in implementing new marketing methods. We understand that success emerges from a process of trial and error, especially in a marketing business. That explains why we keep testing new methods to find the most effective marketing method to benefit our clients.

Eventually, after many trials and errors, we have successfully tested a unique brand new marketing method which we refer to as “Advanced Marketing”. This advanced method has been applied in some of our major projects and the results we and our clients received have proven that the method truly works. This is going to be very effective!

What is Advanced Marketing?

Here is a brief summary of what we actually do with the new marketing method. But let me explain the way our competitors often do this first so that you can easily compare and decide which method is more unique and advanced. Most of our competitors have a division which is in charge of searching for and getting new clients. They then create websites for the clients and then do things to position those websites on the search engine.

Uppgroup Inc. felt they should do things differently. Instead of trying to get new clients first, we focus on getting into a specific industry, which allows us to become very familiar with that industry; then we design websites to match the industry. After designing, we use our best judgement and skills to make the websites visible in search engine results.

What benefits can this Advanced Marketing method bring to our clients?

The most visible advantage everyone can see is that our clients can immediately join our business network. Actually, they become a part of our large network of sites. Unlike our competitors, Uppgroup Inc. does not ask clients to cover all fees from designing a website, to making it rank well in the search engines. Instead, our clients just need to pay the fees to stay on the network only. Nothing more! It’s definitely very cost effective for clients.

Getting good positions in major search engines is no longer an easy task these days. The process of designing a website and ranking it can be far beyond the budget of a small business. We know this, and this is the exact reason why we came up with this new method to help businesses of all sizes. By spreading the investment load to multiple clients in a specific industry as well as using our website network of multiple industries, we can leverage the assets we are managing and dominate specific highly targeted markets.

Search engines are changing their algorithms everyday. If a marketing company does not invest time and effort to change its marketing methods, it will soon be left behind. Uppgroup Inc. has various 10+ year clients. Our clients are loyal because we have accompanied them to go through the ups and downs caused by the changes in algorithms made by the search engines and the internet world as we know it. Changes can only make us become stronger and more skillful in this online business field.

To summarize, once we have decided to go into a particular industry, we can easily take the top positions. If you are not with us, then we are your biggest competitors in that field. With our rich experience and wide knowledge, we know how to get to the top, and stay there!