Keyword Technology

Keyword Technology and Uppgroup Inc.

The science of using keywords and technology – how they are used to find and to share.

A very simple explanation of the basic science to find is to type a keyword into your address bar and hope to visit a site. Type google. You know where you’ll end up. You know where you should be going. This is a very simple share and find using a keyword and technology.

Now, there is nothing really simple about how this can actually happen, and how it can happen for practically anyone connected to the Internet anywhere, but that is the long and short of it in a nutshell.

In the online world technology connects those wishing to find, to those wishing to share, and vice versa – all through some form of keyword.

For Uppgroup Inc. we need to understand both sides of the equation so that we may better serve our clients.

Who are our clients? Those looking to share with those looking to find. Quite simple really. Does that mean everyone is a possible client, short answer yes, long answer not really.

Now, if your looking to share something with someone who is looking – then you, my new friend, have found something worthwhile. Let’s see if we can elaborate.

To share something online with someone looking online – sounds simple enough.

A few very basic things you’ll need to know to be effective:

1. how are they going to look?

2. what are they going to be looking for?

3. what do you want them to find?

4. how would you have them find it?

There are many industries, or schools of thought on #1. how are they going to look – my goal here is not to list all the ways – but to simplify for you one very basic way – even though it’s complex.

1. They will look using a search engine – using a keyword or phrase – let’s just start there – of course there are many other ways to share with those seeking, but for this illustration we are only going to illustrate the simple search engine.

2. What are they going to be looking for – now this is where the plot thickens, as not everyone looks the same way, in the same style, however, for easy illustration lets just say they will type a word or nowadays, a phrase. For our illustration we will use: wellhead isolation tool.

3. What do you want them to find – of course, your: wellhead isolation tool.

4 How would you have them find it – same way they looked, on a search engine – displayed as: wellhead isolation tool – preferably right in front of their eyes.

Okay, that was easy enough. I made a few assumptions, first of course that the company with the wellhead isolation tool had an online presence, or would have us undertake to provide that, so that we could in fact position something on the search engine results of course.

So – in keyword technology work, our job is to make sure our client, the one with the: wellhead isolation tool, is found by those looking for the: wellhead isolation tool.

Our job is a simple one: out rank all other companies that provide this service and place our clients website at or near the very top of the results page for the phrase: wellhead isolation tool.

No problem right. Ya right. You all know this is big oil, big money, big budgets. This is not going to be easy, or for the right firm, is it?

Let’s first cover some very key aspects that most of you have read about, and heard about.

If your not in the top three results on the first page of search results returned the possibility of getting a visitor from that phrase drops dramatically. Most people retype a new phrase.

If your not 100% focused on providing exactly what they were looking for, they won’t click through, even though you are in the top three. Just being in the top three does not mean they click through.

So those two aspects are crucial – they are like the “Goal” the “Desired Placement” that sort of thing. All other things are pretty much useless if we can’t get those two thing done.

It all comes down to some very high end research. Nowadays you cannot, I repeat, you cannot simply say your going to pick a phrase, any phrase, and do those two things. If that were the case the top sites in an industry would never stay there. They would be constantly replaced. That is not happening.

Certain fields are extremely hard to break into – certain phrases have sites that have spent years, 5, 10 years going after a phrase – they are “Cemented” into the top positions, they are “IT” in terms of ruling that space. So to think that a “new site” is just going to be placed online in the top three in a field where people are actively working in easy fashion is plain crazy.

We need to know what it’s going to take – keyword technology is as much about knowing what it will take to do those two things, as it is doing it. Go Figure.

A client could come to us and say, I want to be listed on the top three for: weight loss plan – well well well. Me too. That is 150,000,000 other pages to go over. NO SMALL FEAT. So, back to our very early comment, are all people going to be our clients, not really.

So research for the wellhead isolation tool company would come back positive – it would be attainable, it would be feasible.

The weight loss plan – not so attainable, not so feasible. Doable, sure – would it require a massive budget, massive effort, and unreal time and planning and implementation, sure, doable, sure. But again, I stress, all things are relative.

Now it comes back to the implementation.

Once the decision is made to proceed, our job is to move forward in a comprehensive method determined to achieve the goals we set.

We set milestones – each target a stepping stone to move forward to the end result. Many people have no actual milestones in this process. They simply wing it. Not that they have a plan that will ensure success.

There are companies that could take and spell out in a comprehensive manner all the steps, all the tasks that are required to place a company in those top three results, however, they can’t implement them. It’s a very, very small field that can actually “implement” the plan, and actually perform.

Ever heard the phrase: Big Talk, No Action?

Just so you know, our client for: wellhead isolation tool – is in position in the top three, any engine, and has been “Cemented” in, has been the top for years, and will stay there. Go Figure.

Ever heard the phrase: Walk the Talk? That’s us.

So was it easy, nope. Was it doable, sure. Did we get it done, yes. Can we rest, nope. Are people actively working to dislodge us, of course. Can they, nope. Are they trying you bet.

So, do we want to tell you what we do, nope. Will we do it for you, sure.

Can we do it easier in some industries, sure. Why, because we have more experience in those fields, we understand them better.

Are they all the same type of industry, no.

Blue Collar – yes White Collar – yes

Can we compete in some big industries, sure.

From our perspective, it’s the old adage, does the cabinet maker have doors falling off his cabinets, does the shoemakers kids go barefoot, does the plumbers kitchen faucet leak. Do you hire those guys, nope.

Apply this adage to us:

Does Uppgroup Inc. rank for the phrase: keyword technology – it’s only 442,000,000 results to get past, are we number one in our field, sure. Is it a big field, sure, 4 times the weight loss plan, twice as many results as sex and drugs, Go Figure.